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I am still actively working on this game. 

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Your aunt has left you to watch over her house in Nevergrove, a small town in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but deep forest. Thankfully it‘s not going to be boring though! You‘re excited to explore the town, make new friends and maybe even... fall in love?


...and of course there‘s also this journal you found... written by a girl that went missing just two weeks before you moved here...

NEVERGROVE is a Visual Novel/ Point and Click Adventure


  • The beginning of your first week in Nevergrove
  • The beginning of the big mystery
  • 6 different love interests
  • Customizable Name & Personality
  • Pronoun Selection
  • Town Exploration (Two streets and one visitable house so far)
  • Small puzzles


  • X weeks in Nevergrove
  • 6 different character routes with both romantic and platonic options
  • Multiple endings for each route 
  • One big mystery to uncover
  • Customizable Name & Personality
  • Automatic skill building for an even more customized MC
  • Pronoun Selection
  • Town Exploration with visitable houses
  • Small puzzles
  • CGs and CG Gallery

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hiya! your game's really nice and i LOVE the art, characters and story so far. i also understand it's still in alpha, so there are bound to be a few bugs here and there. i also encountered one too. after clicking on the mailbox and typing in the code, the "back" option got stuck on the screen until it got to when I met Seamus for the first time. I click on the option and it goes away, although Seamus doesnt look too good, and the dialogue repeats the same text if i try to continue. Luckily i'm able to make everything normal again by loading my last save lol 


Thanks for telling me!

This really looks a bit nightmare fuel-ish haha

I might have already fixed this bug in the update I‘m working on right now, but I‘ll definitely look into it again. Poor Seamus will get his head and arm back for v1.1

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ah, i'm so excited for this! the game is beautiful, original and feels like a lot of time, hard work and love went into it. it really shows! i'm very curious about what happened to katie, what's going on with loretta, and even more so i'm super curious about morgan for some reason! they're my favorite for sure~ can't wait to see what direction you go into with the story! 


I'm so happy to hear that!! :)

Morgan seems to have accumulated a small fanbase (understandable, they're pretty and whimsical) You'll definitely meet them again at some point. They do live in town after all ;)


hello, i tried your game and it was very fun to play and I enjoyed it very much.
I will be waiting for the full version
Thank You

Thank you too!! Glad you liked it :)


Hi Fulmen! It's-a me!

This is a video I recorded a couple of days after you first released the demo so there might be some glitches you've already fixed, but aaaanyway!

I had a lot of fun playing the demo and I just love the art! I'm excited to see what's so spooky about the woods!!

Hey Carepixeline!

I‘m happy to hear you had fun playing! Loved your voice acting as well - southern Henriette was not something I knew I needed until now :D

Until next time then! I hope you‘ll stay tuned to see the mystery unfold ;)


i cant find the code  for the mail  box help me


Hey :) Look around in your backpack again. You‘ve actually already found a clue for the code. What in there could help you with it?


thank you i find the code god bless you 

Good job!! Have fun playing the rest of the demo :) 


Just played the demo and I really enjoyed what there is up so far! I was able to get by the bug with the mailbox key by going to a previous save so it seems to only happen if you don't enter something at all and hit next (which I did accidentally). I love how diverse the LI and characters are and am already Intrigued about the story. Also hoping Aunt loretta is okay....


I‘m really happy to hear you enjoyed it!! Just out of curiosity- who‘s your favorite so far? :)

Your observation with the mailbox is very helpful! It could have gotten confused after receiving no input. Which is… obviously not what‘s supposed to happen. I‘m going to look into that.

And as for Aunt Loretta… well, you‘re going to just have to wait and see ;)


Hello! At the moment violet and seamus are definitely my top interests but I loved everyone that we got to meet so far! I'm really excited to see what's next. Also when you eventually are at the point of releasing more information, I can share a press release on the website I write for! You can dm me on twitter at chotoranii and I can get you my email since I don't think I can message you here...

Hey, that‘s so cool thank you! I‘ll message you :)

Also: Good picks! Although I‘d probably say that about every character haha


great start to a game!! v interesting. i also had the same issue as a previous comment with the mailbox no longer being clickable. excited to see where this goes!

I‘m glad you liked it!! :)

I‘ll definitely look into the mailbox. Hopefully you could still finish this build despite the bug!


First of all great game, already invested in the case.
So I played on a Win 10 Pro and get what may be some small bugs:
- In the first scene in the bus with Morgan there was some ambience and foley that stop in the next scene with Mike and Violet. Don't know if since it's an Alpha it was supposed to be like this or if there was sound and, for some reason, it stops playing. The sound of the glass shattering i was able to hear thought (very well, scared the s*** out of me - very nice :D)

- In the mailbox puzzle after I opened the letter one more time to look for clues I was unable to click on the mailbox again. I needed to save the game and reload and then i was able to click on the mailbox, now knowing the code (but very nice starting puzzle). 

Those were the possible bugs i encountered but again great game. One last thing to consider it would be to put the Characters Pronouns on their descriptions.

Anyway, best of luck on the project it sure looks amazing already


Hi! Thank you so much for this in-depth review :)

1. You are right, there isn’t much sound design after the bus scene. This isn‘t a bug, I just haven‘t found any fitting music yet. I‘d like to have a custom soundtrack for the finished game, but since music‘s the only thing I can‘t do myself it‘s a little bit trickier. Right now I don‘t have the means to pay a composer, but hopefully I will eventually! Maybe I‘ll look for placeholder music in meantime. (Also sorry for scaring the s*** out of you, haha)

2. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I‘ll definitely look into it! It seems like the mailbox was buggy for a few people.

3. The character pronouns are a good idea! I‘ll tweak the profiles in the next bigger update.

Thank you again and I‘m happy you enjoyed this first alpha :)