Nevergrove October 2021 Progress Report

October has been an eventful month! A new semester at art school started and I took part in yet another gamejam - it isn't over yet, but I'm proud of what I've done so far. It's shaping up to be quite the neat little game! (I won't talk about it in a Nevergrove devlog, but if you follow me on twitter you might've seen glimpses into the development)

Back to Nevergrove:  Now you've met all of the six main characters! Cool, huh? Of course some of the meetings were briefer than others, but I want to hear about your very first impressions. So first of all a small questionnaire:

  1. Out of the 6 mains who is your favorite?
  2. Why?
  3. Which routes are you interested in exploring?

Im interested in hearing your thoughts!! :)

What's up with the game right now?

You've met Elias, you've met Niyah. Now it's time for your tour through Nevergrove! You will visit a bunch of new locations all over town and also get to meet some new townspeople and of course some weird stuff will happen! Because it always does. 

This update will probably take a bit longer, considering all the backgrounds I have to draw and the fact that there's three different tours you can go on depending on whose offer you accepted.

If you're already hungry for some content, you can take a look at my Patreon ! There's a playable sneak peek into v1.3 up right now, plus a few sketches of the new locations. And y'know, a bunch of other cool stuff ;)

Behind the scenes I'm also working on a new game mechanic I'd like to implement. One of Nevergrove's big elements is exploration and a bit of an "open world". Basically being able to click through the town, talk to different people and also have the surroundings react to whatever it is the player decides to do. Of course in a limited, point-and-click with a story kind of way. Anyways, overcomplicated explanations aside, the mechanic I'm working on could  broaden the exploration feel and give the player a new way of interacting with the characters. BUT it's gonna take more planning and trying stuff out. I'm definitely not going to have it ready for the next update.

So when's the update coming?

The next update for the Nevergrove Demo is coming in December.

I don't have an exact date yet, but I will keep you posted! And of course, as always  for Patrons of the Forest Adventurer and Nevergrove Native tiers the update will be up on my Patreon one week before I publish it here.

And that's all for now! Kisses!! 💖

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I am so glad you had a great month and I'm excited to hear about the new update you're planning!!🤩
To answer your questions: Elias is my favorite, I just like his uncomplicated and flirty character! I would also really like to explore Violet's route but I am guessing Elias is probably going to stay my number one ;)
(Also on a sidenote, I follow your twitter and I am very excited for you to release your new game that you're making for the game jam I am hoping to play it as soon as it's up!)

Thank you for the feedback!! And good choices! (Although I‘ll probably say this about every character… I do love all of them)