A blast from the past...

Oh wow! You just found this neat little dating game buried on this old game site you used to visit as a kid. How nostalgic! 

It's a little cheesy and the story is a little shallow, but you used to love these games so much, so you absolutely have your rose colored glasses on. Maybe you even played this one? 

How about you give it a try, for old time's sake?

- This project was made for a one week gamejam -

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(110 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Creepy, Cute, Dating Sim, Otome, Psychological Horror, Romance, Singleplayer, Surreal
Average sessionAbout an hour


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this is quite possibly the best game I have ever played! so surreal I love it! 

I hate horror games but I didn't see the tags till I was done and I think the tags weren't really necessary coming from someone who gets scared easily so if that was what was holding you back then id say go for it and you will still be able to sleep.

seriously an amazing game!

is this how the kim kardashian game characters felt???


I cant see shayt, font colour should be changed, great game! 



I knew this was horror before I even clicked on it lmao, but I did not expect to cry when Akira vanished at the end. Man, I felt terrible for people who are fictional I gotta work on that. 😭


Haru saying "though I can't even move my face to look angry" or Akira saying that he couldn't take his hand off his glasses for some reason, omg that was breaking the fourth wall like ddlc, that was the only thing I thought, unfortunately I couldn't play more than 2 times and I wanted to test all the possibilities (I did Keiji and Haru route) but I liked the game a lot. 

And although some people are talking about their appearance, I found them beautiful, especially Ryun and Keiji <3

ahhhh this was so good!!! existential crisis inducing. very very emotional. my friend cried when i played it on call with them 10/10


not a huge fan of how the female mc is portrayed as weak and helpless...


I screamed so much during this game and laughing. the guys are so ugly tho. but my favorite character was the EMO 🖤 (//_-)

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is this ddlc in the 80s /j

(jokes aside,good game,im a ddlc fan myself)

(and also,isnt it pretty obvious im a ddlc fan?i have the natsuki username and monika pfp lol,same with the little banner on my profile-)


is this supposed to be like DDLC but gender bent??


i cant play it a second time?

i just wanted to play a cute game not relive DDLC T-


Oh lord I really didn't expect this game to turn out like this. I was just playing this because it seems like a cute cheesy cliche visual novel but I didn't expect it to turn like DDLC. It was so much fun and I love it


....Mine glitched and scared me horribly-


I need Akira and Ryuu back, please and thank you.

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i feel like this is a genderbent version of ddlc but their personalities are diff and i love it-

(Edit:i still love DDLC btw and i like the girls better than the boys tho-))


they kinda look like they're from doki doki literature club




that was SO. COOL!!!!!!!

Keep getting javascript errors 


me too

Same, pls help!!!!! T-T

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I really enjoyed this, felt very reminiscent of Doki Doki Literature Club! :)

Question, is there any way to reset the game from scratch? I wanted to replay it with a different character, but I keep getting the ending screen even after deleting and redownloading the game.


I would tell you how but unfortunately I completely forgot so I'll just quote what the creator said
"RenPy games have two separate persistent files. The first file is simply found in the folder you dowloaded under „game\saves“ and is called „persistent“. 

The other one is under „C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\RenPy“ Just select the RenPy folder, find the „DatingSim389“ folder inside of it, and delete the persistent file that one has as well."


nah bc almost everyone here wasnt expecting it to be a pyschological horror type vn 

while me who found this while browsing throught the tag for pyschological vn's

Deleted 1 year ago

same :(


When i loaded the game,it says,'Required files are missing,the game cannot be run.'Please fix this.

This gives me ddlc vibes and i love it




i love this so much but please give me my boy akira back </3


This was the most horrifying, cute and heartwrenching experience. The game is great, the visuals are beautiful along with the music. Great tone and vibe of visual novel. 


Didn't really see the twist coming so I was genuinely shocked.   After the first character you pick leaves, it doesn't even explain. That is true fear. You don't even know that your actions have consequences and you don't receive an explanation afterwards. This game is brilliantly terrifying, I LOVE IT!

oh my god this was a ROLLERCOASTER!!!! in the best way. i love them all.


 i see that other people left kenji for last too. when i had the idea it was playing out as a normal dating sim, i was trying to save my faves for last (haru and kenji! but i do love the other two, too) so when haru started going off on my ass i was like "whew. okay." but i still love him... i'm going to do another run where i start with haru + kenji! see where that leads

Did you end up doing another run? I can't get mine to run again. If you have any tips pls share!! I'd love to play again where I save my faves for last instead of making them disappear :((

Love this game <3

...at least some trigger warnings would be nice. T__T I'm pretty sure there are some suitable for this game.
Loved it, definitely, but man I wish I was at least a little more ready.


would you be able to supply some warnings? :0 i'm interested in playing it cause i like this kind of thing but knowing that there may be particularly triggering content in it, some warnings might be good for me as well 


Hi fox! Of course!! I‘ll put it under a read more for you :)

Trigger warnings include: Topic of death and ceasing to exist, existential dread, mild swearing

There are no graphic images, jump scares or explicitly horrifying scenes in the game, but if you get uneasy around death or discussions of it, you might want to steer clear.

A more explicit SPOILER about the game‘s story down below (This is not new info, just a clarification of how exactly the trigger warnings apply to the story):

Characters are being deleted and are becoming aware of their impending doom


thank you for the warnings!! :D 

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Hey Xeen! Glad you liked the game. I didn‘t put any trigger warnings initially because I thought the content was mild enough to not warrant any, but apparently there‘s some demand for it. I‘ll think about where to implement it. Thank you for the valuable feedback!! :)

Edit: Oh, and if you could tell me what trigger warnings you would have liked to see, I‘d really appreciate it :)


i feel bad for em.


Absolutely loved this game, the tone shift really caught me off guard and got me more interested! Can't believe this was done for a Jam, truly amazing work!


It took me a couple people to figure out what happened.  I was also really hoping the last one could stay but cried when Kenji disappeared too.  It was a really good game though!


Error: Script error. (see JavaScript console for details)

Hi! This is an error showing up on certain PCs when playing the web version. I haven‘t quite figured out how to fix it yet and I suspect it has to do with how Ren‘Py exports its games into the web format (in which case I can‘t do anything, because it‘s a problem with the engine)

If this shows up for you, try downloading the game and playing it locally on your computer. That should always work!



aaaa i was so confused. the first time i played i choose to spend recess with akira and it suddenly took me to the menu, i thought i should've saved the game or something and it tooks me like 5 minutes to realize akira wasn't there anymore, i feel so dumb adksksjs

anyways, this was so fun to play. i will surely be playing more of your games because i really enojoyed this one :)


Well, that's always good to hear!! :)

And don't feel dumb, the game wanted to confuse you a little after all ;)


Man did this give me a whole heaping of existential crisis. I feel so bad for Akira, Haru, Ryuu, and Kenji like what the hell. The ending was so sad especially since I picked Kenji as last and the 4th wall break?? That was amazing as it was sad. Wonderful game especially with how meta it is, even to the title as it is a Dating Sim and it's so generic that it could have been forgotten-- I wonder how the player in the game felt watching those characters they love gain some sort of sentience as the game began to delete itself in real time. Must have been traumatizing and hard for them...

Thank you for playing!! And also thank you for writing such a long comment, I'm really glad you enjoyed it and could connect with the characters :) 

...and sorry for the exitential crisis


There should be a non-binary and boy(he/him) version.


Hi crazette! If you‘re talking about the MC, this game is intentionally modeled after late 2000s, early 2010s otome games, which usually were very limited regarding gender options, or character customization.

If you‘d rather like to play something with queer or generally more diverse characters, feel free to check out my other games!! Nevergrove in particular has a POV main character you can name and choose the pronouns of, as well as a bigger cast to fall in love with :)


how can i save progress in windows?

Don‘t worry, the game saves automatically after key points in the story. You‘ll definitely know when you see them ;)

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