1926, Berlin. Gerda has left everything behind to run away with her boyfriend Joseph, but sitting in a dingy hotel by herself, she‘s not so sure anymore if she made the right  decision. Some things just don’t seem to add up. Maybe Joseph is not what he seems?

DOUBTS is a short Visual Novel/ Point and Click Adventure

  • 4 main secrets to uncover
  • Two different endings
  • Playtime: 10 - 20 min
  • Original art & story


Night on the Docks - Trumpet by Kevin MacLeod link license

On Hold For You by Kevin MacLeod link license

Deep And Sweet Sleeping by MusicLFiles link license

Glimmer by opticaillusions link license

Item Pick Up by Mr._Fritz_ link  license

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Really loved the game, it had intresting clues and the dialogue and inner monologue was realistic and kept me thinking. The art was also absolutely gorgeous

Thank you!! I'm happy you enjoyed playing :)


I ship Gerda and Margot soooo bad. After playing the game I picture them together and happy, even with the war. Beautiful game, love the arts.

Well, Gerda did mention how pretty she thinks Margot is quite a bit haha 

I hope they're happy too!


I personally loved this, it was very intriguing. Keep up the good work! 

Thank you <3


This was a really enjoyable game to play! I can't wait to see what else you create in the future.


Thank you!! Glad you liked it! I‘m actually working on a project right now that‘ll (hopefully) be quite interesting :)


Why hello! :D

The artwork is really nice in this game! I may have really overthought the puzzles, but the 20's vibes are immaculate. I hope my commentary does this game justice- I just want Gerda to live her best life. She is a queen and she deserves better this duuude.


Hello to you too! :)

Thank you for playing!! Your commentary and - of course - the voice acting was fun and I really enjoyed watching your video (although I had a minor heart attack when the bug with the questions happened - I‘ll have to look into that) 

Btw, if you‘re still interested in finding the code, maybe you could look at the nightstand next to the clock...?



I've been trying to download your game but it keeps saying I have "No Permission". How do I fix the problem? This game looks really interesting and I would like to check it out.


Hi! First of all: Thank you for your interest in my game!! :)

It‘s weird that the site requests some kind of permission, I haven‘t seen that before. 

Maybe you could try the alternative download mode? If you‘re on the downloads page, there should be a small grey link on the right called „Downloads not starting?“ Clicking on it will allow you to enable the alternate download mode, which should work if your region is blocking itch.io‘s CDN.

Also check if you have a VPN enabled. I‘ve heard that in some cases that could mess with people’s downloads too.

Good luck <3


Only 2 endings, right? Also, I really enjoyed the game, although I got stuck a little bit at the "type in" one ;-;

Yes, only two endings :)

I‘m glad you enjoyed it! Did you manage to figure the type in one out in the end? (also don‘t worry, one of my testers got stuck too haha)


Yes I did it somehow =))) Thanks for asking


Wow! The game looks so good, I loved the quality of the story and the art! I had a lot of fun playing!

Thank you <3


A beautiful game. Loved the story and the art style.


Thank you for playing! <3


This was a pretty fun adventure, it was fun to discover the secrets and see the "excuses" of Joseph, the art is fantastic and the music merged very well with the atmosphere of the game, most devs can't achieve that for some reason, and the way how you used the environment was pretty smart, I would never think of "hiding" this here or there, hope to see more!

Thank you for playing!! I‘m glad I achieved the atmosphere I was going for :)

doubts itself is not going to be continued, but I am already working on something new - so there will be more!

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This is a very good game, it was fun to find out both endings and all the secrets. And I love the music. The art is nice also, good job! 100% would play this again.


Thank you for the motivating compliments <3 

I‘m happy you enjoyed the game!


The art style is so pretty! Plus I really love the music :) This is really good. I enjoyed playing and discovering the two endings :) 

Thank you! I‘m glad you had fun!! Congrats on unlocking both endings :)




Thank you <3


Very good use of the small environment, and I liked the pace of the build-up. Had me going on one trail only to surprise me later. Really nice work! 


Thank you for playing!! I had fun watching you figuring out the story and sharing your thoughts :) 


Glad you liked it. Digging through everything was quite a ride of discovery. :)


The art and music are just perfect. Art especially reminds me of Rusty Lake for some reason lol. Writing is charming. Just a lovely experience

Thank you!! <3

I‘ve actually never heard of Rusty Lake - I might have to check it out!


This is a true masterpiece, the art, the music and the story are all amazing. I'm glad I found  this game because I had such a great time playing it. Hope to see more of you Fulmen :)


I‘m very flattered, thank you! <3 

There will definitely be more of me in the future :)


the art and music and the small details that you've put into this game are amazing! while playing I really felt transported into this time period and was rooting for Gerda to find out all of her shady boyfriend's secrets u_u I wish she'd run away with Margot instead :') A really beautiful game!! 💛💼


Thank you so much!!! I‘m glad you had fun playing! <3 

And who knows... maybe it‘s not too late to run away with Margot?