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it hurted HURTED man. i thought you somehow knew my story. thank you for that game. gotta go cry


I really love the music. Is there any way I could get it?

This game hurt, cut deep. I lost a good friend a few years ago and I still miss her. I never got closure but after about an hour I feel like I got it in this game, being able to move on, imagine the happy ending I never got. It was very cathartic so thank you for this. Was immersed from start to eventual finish. Music, visuals, dialogue, choices, all top notch for a freebie! :) 

Thanks for helping me out <3

How did you get the happy ending?

Such a cute game! Gave me "Life is strange"-vibes <3
I really wanted to know every single line of text they could have said.

ugh my little heart. i've moved away from many friends in the multiple cities i've lived in and you captured that pain well


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Thank you for the game!

I got three of the four endings and I'd like to know which one I missed! Can someone spoil me please? Hahaha.

Also, great game, it's amazing how a short game like this can pack so much emotion.

Loved loved this game!! Is the soundtrack available anywhere??



game was short but really really good! i got 4 of the endings and ngl the  confession one made me cry. idk if im biased bc I can 10000% relate to Alex's experiences but the plot behind it was really well built and well written. when Alex said she couldn't stop staring at Naomi at the party or couldn't focus on the movie bc Naomi was holding her hand, it hit a bit too close to home </3  i love the soundtrack and the art style as well!

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How do you get to the confession ending? I got the good ending for their friendship and thought it was really sweet (I think I got 3 of the endings), but I really wanted to ask Naomi about her deleted application, the bus tickets she bought, things like that.

Edit: I got to the ending where I could ask her about the application and the tickets, and could also confess my feelings. In my version, Alex didn't mention the party where she couldn't stop staring at Naomi. I will try again later maybe (:

The story is so sweet, I also love the art work and they both really do feel like people, flesh and bones, you know. Thank you, Fulmen <3




i literally almost had it!! i got to"i wont" and "well make it work" and i clicked on well make it work but i think id i ckilcked i wont she would have stayed but now ive forgotten how to go outside

Hey! Honestly, I don‘t think there‘s one good ending, they‘re all just endings. 

But if you need help reaching the last one and you‘re alright with spoilers you could take a look at the hint I gave Auggs further down in the comment section :)

(Also you can go outside by clicking on the door)

WOW that ending was good! i loved it so much!


This was a nice kind of bittersweet. I didn't have long term friends whenever I moved somewhere so I have no experience in this but the dialouge feels like real people

(now off to find the ending where they kiss lol)

Thank you!! And good luck <3


hm cool game!

Thank you! <3

also quick question, im playing the game but when i go in full screen its all blurry and im wondering why

Oh, that shouldn‘t be happening! 

Are you playing online, or did you download the game?

If you are playing online images might have trouble loading. You could try downloading it and playing from your computer, then that particular issue should resolve itself



Hey Auggs! Would you like a small hint, or do you want to figure it out yourself? :)

please give me a hint :(

i just want her to be my wife



SPOILERS: So there‘s two things Alex can find out about Naomi that will be vital conversation topics later on. You‘ll need to know about both of them before having the final talk. Try looking around Naomi’s room, I‘m sure you‘ll notice them eventually!

I can‘t promise any weddings happening, but I hope the ending will still be satisfying :)

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Why does that feel like an insanely cute thing to say? 🙂

- Kuri

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i will get the good ending even if it takes me hours, the bad ending is so painful

edit: the good ending was worth it


Aw, I was just about to comment wishing you luck. I'm glad to hear it was worth it in the end!! <3




Oh no! Well, at least you can dish out a little too if you wish ;)

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Thank you for playing :)


Another masterpiece by you, Fulmen. There were some parts in the game that made me cry lol. The situation of the characters is so relatable specially the part of being scared of change and growing up and that's what made it so painful when you get the "bad endings" because you know that deep inside it's not really what the characters want. Overall an absolute gem of a game Fulmen :)


Hi Diana, welcome back! I'm glad you had fun with this game as well!! And (something probably only writers can say) I'm also glad to hear I made you cry ;)


My first try, I chose options based on how I would irl and my choices suck lmao. But hey it's a nice game :>

Oh no! To be fair, this game is baiting you a little to pick the worse choices on the first run ;)

I hope you still had fun playing <3

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I like this game, very relatable on how some friendships unfortunately end.


Oh yes. It's painful, but it's part of life, especially when growing older :)

Thanks for playing!!


Yes, sadly it is.

You're welcome, thanks for making the game.


Amazing game! Just curios, why is there an option at the beginning to say "I don't want to come." But it's crossed out? Thanks!


Thank you! And I guess that's up to your interpretation. Maybe Alex is kind of a pushover who doesn't dare to say no, maybe it's her subconcious talking, maybe it's something entirely else...


You're welcome! And hmm, okay! I guess that makes sense! (But real talk tho, your game is one of the best ones I have EVER played! ^^ Thank you so much for this experience.)


This was so cute...the writing was really good and I loved all the details in the artwork. Great job! 

No gf option ;-; nailed the gay yearning

Thank you!! And don't be too sad- we can't just have you get the girl in all endings. Where's the fun in that? ;)


Well...that's somewhere between soulcrushing and beautiful. Thank you.


How flattering to have something I've made be described as soulcrushing and beautiful. 

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed it!!