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Hello, I played this alpha/demo and I really liked this one, I enjoyed getting all the available endings, looking forward to the full game, good work :)


This is a great game I love the concept of each playfought changing the others keep it up and I can see this game being played by popular Youtubers!

Thank you! :)


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Raccoon! <3

Loved the game, and loved that I can choose the common sense branch XD


There are so many ways to die a weird death in this game, the player should have at least the option to use their common sense ;)


this game is scary, it scared the cum out of me right onto my keyboard



I'm sad I'm not a ninja


It is an unfortunate truth for most of us...


This game is really good as a pick your own adventure type of game and it is funny at the same time i wish there are more comedy games.


Thanks for playing!! I like funny games as well, so maybe I‘ll try my hand at a few more in the future :) 


This a really good game so far and I can't wait to play more to see what other kind of endings there are!


Thanks for playing!! Beautiful delivery for Gary‘s story :D


This was a lot of fun to play! I enjoyed going back and replaying to find all the different endings. The art style and comedy was really well done and convinced me to check out the game when more endings are added. You did a fantastic job :)

Thank you so much!! And great job on finding all the endings :)


That's great! I'd love to play the full version :D

Hey, that‘s great too!! Until the full version then ;)


This game is really fun. I saved Gary but Katia was a little more difficult. Awesome game regardless.


Hey, thanks for playing!! Good job on saving Gary with the power of common sense ;)

As for Katia… well, accidents happen

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You're Welcome, I'm glad you liked the video. Unfortunately Katia doesn't have the best luck. lol


This was really fun. And I love the art. Not just the game but the game site as well!

That‘s good to hear, thank you :) I designed the page on the very last day of the jam, so I was a little stressed about it, but I‘m happy many people seem to like it!



This game actually did something creative with its main page

You deserve my following


Entertaining game! The presentation and art for the game is very clean looking! The writing is fun and quite comedic. It’s nice there’s a variety of choices to make and it’s great that each character’s choices affect the others’. Earning the badges adds for some great replayability as well! Looking forward to the completed version!


Hey, thanks for playing and for your review! I‘m happy you liked it :)





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nice game

Thanks for playing!


Nice atmosphere, cool game!

Thank you! :)

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